30 11, 2016

Winter Is Here


It has been a long time between blog posts but that’s because of Facebook which makes it easy to put out quick regular postings of information and updates.  I almost forgot there was a Blog.  Also, there’s the newsletter which has gotten totally lost in the pile of social media.

But…important […]

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14 12, 2015

Alsace Inn to Inn with the App



France Continued…

David arrived in Kaysersberg after the long, busy summer.  The next morning we took off following the same route to Ribeauville that I had taken except we continued on to Thannenkirch.

Let me tell you a little about this trip, what it was and how it was planned.

We normally pick […]

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1 12, 2015



I met with a group last night that is doing a guided trip in Alsace next year.  Several of them went with me two years ago and are excited to return.  In fact, one of them said the trip we did was a highlight of her life.  Wow.  I was […]

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24 11, 2015



I started working on this blog almost two weeks ago.  I wrote something, didn’t like it, changed it, was ready to post it, then the events in Paris happened.  I came to a screeching halt.  Reality set in with a dreaded vulnerability.

Our world has changed since 9-11 and will never […]

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7 11, 2015

Switzerland- Easy to Inn to Inn


I arrived in Zurich, Switzerland, my favorite European gate-way city, on September 30th.  I work hard at making my travel as stress-free as possible and  Zurich delivers with a small, easy to navigate airport, a train station right across the street and a location that allows me to get to […]

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24 10, 2015

The Beginning of What’s Next




I have just returned from overseas.  These three pictures are from Grindelwald, Switzerland where I spent three days before going to Alsace in […]

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21 07, 2015

Mid-Summer is Here



Last week I had three days with no walkers on the WTW.  I had seen it coming so Penny decided to go for it and hike over the Divide.  We made it inn-to-inn by hiking over on the North Inlet and […]

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5 07, 2015

Short Takes


On the WTW

We have already had as many walkers as we had two years ago and we’re getting close to our record year last year.  I love it!  I don’t love having to chase down every detail, but I do love the project and I’m proud as a peacock.   The […]

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12 06, 2015

Summer Is On


Summer is on.  After all the late snow and rain, Colorado is green, green, green and the rivers are rushing.  This morning a WTW hiker said, “Phebe, it’s so beautiful here.”  It made me look around and once more appreciate.

We have a great staff both new and old.  John is […]

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