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I have just returned from overseas.  These three pictures are from Grindelwald, Switzerland where I spent three days before going to Alsace in France.  I had a little business to take care of in France so these few, precious days at the beginning were mine all alone.  A few days to decompress.  David even sent me an email that said- Be careful Phebe.  The bottom is going to drop out.

Before I begin a series of blogs on the trip, I want to talk about the trip as a whole.  David is visiting family in Croatia and will return next week.  So…it’s just me and Beau.

I’m still adjusting, going to bed early and waking up in the wee hours of the morning.  The guys are covering the store so I don’t have to worry.  I actually like getting up early, making a cup of strong coffee and sitting in my chair waiting for the sun to come up.  It’s here I think about the trip.

I must analyze a trip more than anyone.  What was it about?  What did I learn?  How did it stack up to other inn-to-inn trips?  How were the people, the lodges, the experiences every night? Would I recommend it and what would be my suggestions?  What did I do right?  What did I do wrong?   How was it for David and me?  Did we have fun?

These are the things that go round and round in my head especially early in the morning.  I relive it, every little bit.

I once talked to someone who went on a cruise.  I asked about the trip.  They told me about all the food on the ship.  That was it.  Not one comment about where they went, what they saw, how the countries were different, how the trip affected them.

Not me.  I squeeze out every drop.

Maybe it’s not just me, maybe it’s this type of experience, this immersion in a place where you absorb your surroundings step by step.  This kind of vacation you can’t help but “feel”.   It makes you remember it.

Just the other day I got an email from someone and they said it, that phrase I hear so often.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about that trip.”

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