Self-Guided Day Trips

Estes Park, Colorado.

We stepped into doing Day Trips almost by accident in 2020 due to COVID19.  As lodging was limited, we booked a couple of trips this way with the client booking their own lodging and Footpaths planning the days.  It was fantastic and opened up a whole new category for us!  This is a great option for returning clients who want to change up the hiking or for anyone just preferring to stay in one place.  Choose as many days as you like and they don’t have to be consecutive.  Give us your ability level.  We’ll do the planning and your trip manager will do the executing.  Same superb organization, same service and as always the best hiking.
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Easy to moderate trips
Easy/Easy Moderate
Aspen Glen to Old Dunraven 
Easy moderate | 7 miles | Most of the year
This is a great beginning day.  Route is lovely traversing three meadows with views in all directions.  Good hiking but no sustained up.  We can cut the mileage down if needed.
Sprague Lake Loop
Easy moderate | 6.7 miles | Spring, summer and fall
Loop hike to Sprague Lake.  Especially nice in the fall.
Day trips pricing


  • 1-2 people: $210
  • Each extra person: $10 pp
  • Lunch: $10/pp (optional)


  • Route card and marked map
  • Trip manager
  • Morning and afternoon shuttle (or whatever is needed)
  • Trekking poles for trip days


  • Park Pass
Odessa Loop- This is a winner!! 
Moderate | 8.2 miles | Summer and early fall 
You can do it either direction depending on whether you want more uphill or more downhill.  Visit Bear Lake, Lake Helene, Odessa Lake, Fern Lake, Fern Falls and The Pool.  
Cub Lake Loop
Moderate | 8 miles | Summer and fall.
Lots of diversity on this 8 mile loop with a visit to The Pool and Cub Lake.  Finish with quiet walking in Moraine Park.   
Deer Mt Circular
Moderate | 7.5 miles | Late spring, summer, fall
Doubt you’ll see anyone on this seldom used, but beautiful hike around Deer Mt with a descent into the meadows of High Drive.
Wild Basin to Allenspark
Moderate | 8.2 miles | Late spring, summer, fall
One of our most loved WTW days.  Lots of water and a seldom seen ridge hike with views galore into Wild Basin.  End in Allenspark. Go have a beer at Rock Creek Tavern.  We’ll drive you home
High Moderate/More Difficult
Odessa Loop via Cub Lake and South Lateral-  Doesn’t get any better!
High Moderate | 13 miles | Summer and early fall 
Can be done in either direction depending on whether you want more uphill or more downhill.  13 miles of high moderate hiking visiting Bear Lake, Lake Helene, Odessa Lake, Fern Lake, Fern Falls, Cub Lake and beautiful Moraine Park.  Summer and early fall.
Storm Pass/Estes Cone
High Moderate | 10.5 miles | Summer, fall
Our most challenging WTW day if you do the Cone (optional).  The full day is 10.5 miles with 3,300 vertical gain.  This hike has an awesome front end as you ascend on a trail seldom used in the park.  Lots of solitude.  End at Seven Keys Lodge where you can get a cold beer and sit on the porch.  We’ll drive you home (so you can have two beers).
Deer Mt
High moderate | 10 miles | Late spring, summer, fall
The beauty of this day is the point to point where you add little known trails the first couple of miles and all the way down.  Leave the crowds behind.  10 miles with 2,444 vertical gain.  End at Bird and Jim’s
Lumpy Loop
High moderate | 10.5 miles | Spring, summer, fall, maybe winter
The Lumpy Ridge area is full of lumps, bumps, meadows and aspen trees.  This is a great hike for cooler weather.  It has 10.5 miles with 1490 feet of elevation gain.  Stays a bit lower than some of the lake hikes so good for getting acclimated.