Summer is on.  After all the late snow and rain, Colorado is green, green, green and the rivers are rushing.  This morning a WTW hiker said, “Phebe, it’s so beautiful here.”  It made me look around and once more appreciate.

We have a great staff both new and old.  John is back for the summer season.  It’s good to have him around as there is so much about The Warming House and Footpaths that he already knows. Melinda, our youngest who started in the spring, continues to amaze me in the office.  I’m at the point where I say, “Here, take care of this.” and it’s done.  Tina has been guiding this week on the WTW trail.  She also works the store and shuttles WTW hikers.  Chandler is our new guy and he’s great.  He’s young, but has a lot of wilderness training and is super to just be around.

Believe it or not, I have five shuttlers for the WTW.  I don’t use them all the time, but I have to have coverage and now…I’m covered.

I’ve added Deer Mountain to the route for those going to Alpine Trail Ridge Inn.  I’ll know more tomorrow as two women did it today.

Starting tomorrow we will have the busiest WTW week ever- full capacity.  I’ll let you know what I think of that once I’m done.

Celebrated my 61st birthday this week.  Wow…the girlfriends really came through.  The guys…not so much.  Beau celebrated on the same day- he was three.  He and I will celebrate properly a little later with a long hike in Indian Peaks.