Well so much for more blogging as I see the last one was in 2016. With Facebook at my fingertips, I forget this is here.

To update you- Rocky Mountain National Park is open today and we are now able to not only rent equipment but book our trips.  We should be able to continue throughout the season even if there is another shutd0wn as all the paperwork will be in.  Snow is good.  We’ve been getting smaller storms right along which keeps things fresh.  

It’s so easy to brush winter aside; to just hunker down and wait.  But winter in Colorado is a wonderful time of year even if you’re not a hardcore skier or snowshoer.  I walk dogs several times a day and once at night.  While this doesn’t require an outing with pack and equipment (other than my big dog-walking coat and pair of cleats) I’m still out, getting the benefits of fresh air, exercise and time alone in the woods.  It’s good for the soul and the puppies.

Bookings for the summer are brisk and yes, I’m still pondering a trip in Grand Junction either this fall or next spring.  Will be in France with a group of women in October.  I never tire of that trip.

January is almost at a close and the days are getting longer.   I always get done with the main season in October and look at the calendar at what seems to be a long blank space spread out before me.  I look so forward to it.   Then blip….it’s over.

Need to enjoy each day, each cup of tea, each sunrise and sunset.