The big 4-day sale was last week and once it was finished I felt like the winter season was coming to an end and spring was here- snow or no snow.  Store continued to be busy this week as we dribble the sale forward.  We always do this.  We put everything back together, but there are still some good deals going.

The WTW has officially passed our best year and it’s only March.  I’m getting used to the phrase “I’ve got a group…”  We still have groups of two, but the bulk is bigger.  We’re doing a lot of business with the Alpine Trail Ridge Inn just down the road since Eagle Cliff House is small.  My description goes like this: the big white motel, big rooms, flat-screen TV, super clean, pool, bar next door, walker-friendly, on the shuttle route, within walking distance of Dave’s BBQ.  What’s not to love.

There’s plenty of snow in the high country, but down low it’s starting to melt so Penny I started working on two routes which will bring the Alpine Trail Ridge people right to the lodge.  I think I’ve got it.  We may be able to bring them via park headquarters which would be fun.  They can walk on to the lodge or grab the shuttle.

I’m also working on a new route in Grand Junction.  Plan to go there for several days next month to scout lodging and trails.  I’m excited.  This area is very different from Rocky Mountain National Park.  Grand Junction itself is like Canyonlands.  It sits right next to the Colorado National Monument Park which is where we would start.  I’m looking at the next day being on the Colorado River going to Palisade to a winery.  How fun.  Then the challenge: getting up on the Mesa on foot.  Grand Mesa is a like a huge flat tree-covered mountain with deep forests and lakes everywhere.  There is some beautiful hiking and the area offers the possibility of doing this trip in the winter with snowshoes on the mesa.  More fun!!

There is also a Divide Trip scheduled for late August.  The page is up on the website with all the corrected information.  It’s a 4-night trip with two guided days: one prep hike and then the Over-the-Divide.  We have some returnees.

No dog yet.  Still trying.