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I can’t remember the last time David and I had a Saturday off together.  We didn’t know how to act.  I mean, someone is always having to work or guide or go do something.  But not today and what a beauty of a day it was.

We decided to take Beau on a hike.  I didn’t want any crowds or a lot of snow so we opted to head for Taylor Mt. an area that David, Herman and the dogs go to all the time.  This lovely area is to the east of Allenspark, but seems worlds away from where we usually go.  There was snow, but it was easy to get through or around.  The trail began on a dirt road which was good walking and fine with me.  This took us to the Bright Trail which I had seen often on maps.  We followed it a short distance.  David didn’t want to descend to the river since that meant ascending from the river.  But me?  I can’t wait to go back.  I bet you can hike all the way to Lyons!  It was beautiful, almost northern Arizona-ish.

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We joined another dirt road which gave us several opportunities to climb up for some views of the snow-capped peaks to the west.  This area is 10 minutes from my house.  I’ll be going back.

The dog saga continues.  You might want to follow the Western Aussie Rescue website.  Penny and I both have signed up to be fosters but it can be hard to get a dog way up here.  The dog we’ve been looking at (well there are several) is Petey.  Petey is blind.  He was picked up as a stray, was flea-bitten and had scars on his neck from being chained.   I cried over this dog.  He is now in good hands and amazingly there is quite a bit of interest in him.  I can only foster (that was the deal) so we are waiting to see what happens to him.  There are several dogs arriving in Colorado this month including Remy and Ruby.  Boone, the cute puppy that I posted has an adoption pending.

Tina was so funny yesterday.  She told me her neighbor is looking for a dog.  She said, “I come to the store and all I hear is dog, dog, dog.  I go home and it’s dog, dog, dog.  Will somebody please get a dog!!”  HA!  She’s a hoot.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]