Thank you Anya McManis (even though you deleted my first blog) for your patience and guidance through this process. We are now on our way.

Thanks to many of you for your pictures and especially to Mike Hall whose picture of wife, Reesa, on top of Estes Cone, made the top banner. I love the greens and blues and the dash of orange in her tee-shirt.  We used that orange in the wording for “Ask a Question” and “Schedule A Call”, all things that make the website easier to navigate.

There is also a place to sign-up for the Footpaths newsletter. Note: this is not a newsletter per se.  If you want to follow us, that can be done via Facebook and the blog. But if you’re interested in special group trip offerings, then sign-up for the newsletter. We already have a couple of Over-the-divide trips scheduled for the summer. These are not regular offerings.  But there are people who want to go and getting the group started. You’ll get an email with the information and you can join. Who knows- maybe we’ll go to France.
My week has been hectic especially with my first emergency evacuation on Friday. I was beginning to think that I could end my career in the backcountry without making that call. Not so. Had a business group on Friday who have been with us several times.  At lunch sitting near Little Pond, a gentleman on the trip passed out and became violently ill. There’s a good chance it was due to problems with new medication and exasperated by exertion and altitude. We called RMNP emergency and about an hour later, two EMT guys met us on the trail. They were like angels coming to the rescue. Later four more guys came with a litter. Hats off to these guys who work so hard.

So it’s onward.  Where?  Let’s find out together.