I was watching a show called “Caribbean Life” on HGTV last night after the Superbowl.  It was a show like House Hunters, where people moved to a Caribbean island to live the dream.  Every house they looked at had a beautiful view of the sea.   They all talked about “waking up to that every morning.”

I couldn’t help but wonder why there isn’t a show called “Mountain Life” where people live the dream in the mountains.  I realize that we don’t feel we live in paradise everyday.  It can be cold and grey.  The wind blows like it’s blowing today.  The roads are icy.  You can’t see to drive.  You catch a cold.

But doesn’t the Caribbean have rainy days and hurricanes?  Isn’t the sky ever grey?

To be honest, anywhere you live, life goes on despite the view.

So why all this gloom?  It’s just one of those days in paradise.