The picture is Beau yesterday on the Peaceful Valley Loop.  He was a little nervous crossing the “closed” bridge with all the holes and deep snow, but he overcame his fears and was a happy boy.   Remember- a tired aussie is a good aussie.

After two beautiful days and a gentle start to the morning, the snow and cold have returned right on schedule.  They said things would deteriorate quickly and they were right.  I even went and got Beau off the porch.  Looks like we could have snow for more than a week which means fantastic snowshoeing.  Winter is flying by….what are you waiting for?

What’s left in new snowshoes is now 20% off.  These would be my choices: Tubbs Women’s 25″ Wilderness, Tubbs Men’s RDG and a few TSL Symbioz models.  People are also signing up for rental snowshoes which we’ll let go the end of March.  If you’re interested, send me an email

The big 4-day sale is scheduled for March 12-14.  It’s the only deep sale we do all year.  I’ll post the list of the some of the things available as soon as I get the final word from David.

There’s an Over-the-Divide trip being organized the end of August.  Already has several people (some repeats).  I’ll be posting details.

Is it almost March?