Peddars Way and Norfolk Coastal Path

The Peddars Way long-distance footpath, located in the lonely countryside of eastern England, follows an ancient Roman road which “casts a spell of antiquity over the walker along much of its distance.”  Combined with the Norfolk Coastal Path, the walk is a moderate 93 miles of undulating farmland, heath, sand dunes, pine trees and long stretches of sandy beach.

The is an excellent long-distance trail to cut your teeth on.  It’s easy to moderate in difficulty, extremely well-marked and easy to adjust to your own specific time frame and ability.  Along the Norfolk Coast, the Coastal Hopper bus line runs frequently between the small resorts making it easy to stay in one place and use the bus at the beginning and end of your hike.  You don’t even have to carry a lunch as the trail passes several small old-fashioned resort towns where you can enjoy a picnic lunch topped off with lavender breads and scones.

Most all long-distance paths in England are served by a variety of bed and breakfast establishments including guesthouses, farms, small country pubs and inns.  One enjoyment of an English B&B is the tea and coffee facility.  Your room will have an electric pot to heat water and a tray loaded with tea, coffee, cream and sugar and if you’re lucky, hot chocolate and homemade cookies.

Unless otherwise stated, all B&Bs offer a full English breakfast starting with juice and an assortment of cold cereals.  Hot plates arrive with a fried egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato and possibly baked beans and black pudding (not my favorite).  Add a rack of toast, butter and homemade marmalade and of course, tea or coffee and you’re stuffed and ready to waddle out the door.

The Norfolk Coastal Path ends in the lovely seaside town of Cromer.  British hospitality is exceptional, especially at the small establishments.  After a long day on the trail I was greeted by a man who said, “I knew you’d be tired, so I saved you the room with a tub.  Thought you might fancy a soak.”  Now that’s the way I like to be greeted.  I don’t normally look for a tub, but the power of suggestion was too strong.  David went downstairs for a pint- I fancied a soak.


I so enjoyed this path.  It’s another one of those mindless hiking trips especially on the Peddars Way which is basically a straight Roman Road.  The countryside was quiet and peaceful.  I loved the little villages on the coast which were a step back in time to those old family resorts where you sit on the dock and eat cotton candy.



Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path